Our Approach

Hybrid Cloud is complex. KS2 makes it easy and safe with our highly certified IT consultants, accredited partnerships and proven B.E.S.T. process.

B.E.S.T. Process

KS2 Developed our B.E.S.T. (short for Budget, Expectations, Sign-off and Timeline) proven process as a way to keep our Clients engaged and in the know throughout the entire project. Implementations can be long and arduous. It's important that our Clients know where things stand so that they can stay fully engaged throughout.





When you work with KS2, you will always know where we are with project finances, budget vs. actual and the projected final. We collaborate with our Client and manage change so that there are no surprises and the project completes on budget.



Maintaining quality, meeting or exceeding expectations and identifying potential gaps throughout the project lifecycle is critical in keeping things on track. At each steering committee meeting, we communicate our mutual expectations, identify gaps and develop plans to close them. We continuously monitor and manage expectations so that the project is always moving in the right direction



Regular Sign-offs equals Good Governance. We insist on regular phase and deliverable sign-offs throughout the project. Sign-offs are not difficult when a project is well managed and our governance model is effective. When sign-offs are delayed or challenged, we understand there may be an issue that needs to be identified and resolved. It’s important to escalate these issues quickly to minimize impact.



Our project management team consistently manages and monitors the timeline. We know your time is valuable. A predictable timeline is key to limiting the negative impact on your business. Our goal is to deliver the results according to the timeline that best suits our customer’s business requirements and end user productivity.


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