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In the intricate world of manufacturing, where production efficiency, inventory accuracy, and supply chain fluidity are paramount, companies face a multitude of challenges that can impact their operational success. KS2 Technologies understands the critical nature of these challenges—ranging from demand forecasting and capacity planning to quality control and compliance. Our deployment of Oracle ERP and OCI solutions equips manufacturers with the tools necessary to enhance production workflows, manage complex supply networks, and drive innovation, all while maintaining the agility needed to respond to market shifts and consumer demands.


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Oracle ERP Solutions

Oracle's JD Edwards solutions, as implemented by KS2 Technologies, offer a beacon of transformation for the manufacturing industry, where the optimization of production processes and cost control are not just goals but necessities for staying competitive. Our JD Edwards expertise tailors ERP solutions to meet the unique needs of manufacturers, integrating core functions such as procurement, inventory management, and sales order processing. With these tools, manufacturers can synchronize their operations, gain greater visibility into their production lines, and leverage granular data to make strategic decisions that boost efficiency and profitability.

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Oracle Cloud Solutions

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's robust and scalable cloud services, championed by KS2 Technologies, address the manufacturing industry's demand for innovation and technological advancement. OCI provides a secure, resilient, and flexible environment that supports everything from IoT and machine learning for predictive maintenance to blockchain for supply chain authentication. KS2's strategic application of OCI ensures that manufacturing operations are not only optimized for current performance but are also future-proofed to embrace new opportunities and technologies as they emerge.

Learn more about KS2's  OCI Lift & Shift

Learn more about KS2's 
OCI Lift & Shift

Facing cost and performance challenges, RectorSeal transitioned to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with KS2 Technologies. This move addressed issues like costly resources, frequent downtime, and limited scalability, leveraging OCI's cost-effective and scalable solutions.

The shift involved upgrading to enterprise licensing and rearchitecting for improved performance, introducing high availability, and disaster recovery capabilities. This strategic transition to OCI marked a significant step in enhancing RectorSeal's operational efficiency and readiness for future tech advancements.