ERP Consulting

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KS2's ERP consulting approach is centered on empowering clients to navigate their Oracle ERP challenges and drive digital transformation. Our expert consultants will lead your team through the complexities of your current tech stack and determine the best road map for success. This will be done through discovery sessions, workshops and design thinking.

ERP Challenges

Common ERP Challenges

Explore the typical hurdles faced in ERP management, from modernization to integration complexities, and discover how we navigate these challenges to optimize your business processes and system performance.

Modernize my ERP

Transform your ERP with cutting-edge solutions for a future-ready business infrastructure.


Build Team Capacity

Boost team expertise and efficiency through comprehensive ERP training and support initiatives.

Stay home

Staying Current

Evolve with the latest ERP trends, ensuring up-to-date technology and standards compliance.

Skill development

Complex Integrations

Seamlessly integrate complex systems, enhancing connectivity and operational performance across your enterprise.

How We Help

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Discovery Sessions

Engage in high-level discussions with KS2's team and your key stakeholders to explore business and technology challenges. These sessions help in identifying the most effective strategies for your organization, laying the groundwork for tailored ERP solutions that align with your specific needs and goals.

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Join our ERP experts for comprehensive, full-day workshops dedicated to addressing critical business, technical, and ERP challenges. Whether it's tackling a core problem or discussing an extensive transformational effort, these workshops are designed to delve deep into your unique challenges and uncover actionable solutions.

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Design Thinking

Experience a creative, design thinking approach to ERP challenges with KS2. These meetings focus on innovative problem-solving, leveraging design thinking principles to develop user-centric solutions that effectively address your ERP system challenges and drive business improvements.

Latest News

Expert Experiences
Expert Insights

Explore our collection of the latest news and insights, where KS2's expertise in Oracle solutions illuminates pathways to innovation and strategic growth.

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