Transportation Industry

Navigating the complexities of the U.S. transportation industry requires a keen understanding of its distinctive challenges, from intricate regulatory frameworks to the demands of coast-to-coast logistics. KS2 Technologies recognizes the industry’s pulse, addressing common obstacles such as fleet optimization, regulatory compliance, and the integration of real-time data systems. By leveraging Oracle ERP and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), we deliver solutions that enable transportation entities to refine route planning, enhance cargo management, and improve overall operational efficiency, ensuring they stay on the cutting edge of logistics performance.


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Oracle ERP Solutions

In the fast-moving world of transportation, Oracle's JD Edwards solutions, deployed by KS2 Technologies, provide the robust functionality needed to streamline complex logistics operations. JD Edwards offers comprehensive transportation management systems that cover everything from order management to freight tracking and fleet maintenance. KS2's expertise in JD Edwards ensures that transportation companies can manage their operations seamlessly, with greater visibility and control over costs, leading to more informed decisions and heightened service delivery.

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Oracle Cloud Solutions

With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), KS2 Technologies brings state-of-the-art cloud solutions to the transportation sector, facilitating the adoption of advanced technologies like IoT for fleet monitoring and analytics for performance optimization. OCI's scalable and secure infrastructure allows for the management of vast amounts of data generated by transportation networks, enabling companies to achieve greater agility and resilience in their operations. KS2's application of OCI ensures that transportation businesses can leverage the cloud to not only meet today's challenges but also to innovate and prepare for the future of transport.

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RectorSeal increases performance with OCI 

Facing cost and performance challenges, RectorSeal transitioned to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with KS2 Technologies. This move addressed issues like costly resources, frequent downtime, and limited scalability, leveraging OCI's cost-effective and scalable solutions.

The shift involved upgrading to enterprise licensing and rearchitecting for improved performance, introducing high availability, and disaster recovery capabilities. This strategic transition to OCI marked a significant step in enhancing RectorSeal's operational efficiency and readiness for future tech advancements.