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KS2's technology experts have developed custom solutions to elevate Oracle and ERP ecosystems. KS2's custom IP range from cloud solutions to custom API integrations to back office enhancements.

Homebuilder Cloud Platform

Homebuilder Cloud Platform is a comprehensive, industry-specific cloud solution, designed to seamlessly integrate marketing, sales, building, and management operations for homebuilding businesses. This cloud-based platform, running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, combines sales office automation, back-office operations, and robust scalability


HomeSalesOne by KS2 is a revolutionary sales office automation platform designed specifically for homebuilders. Integrating CRM, marketing, CPQ, and sales contract management into one seamless workflow, it empowers homebuilders to scale their operations effectively without adding additional headcount.

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B.E.S.T Process

KS2 Developed our B.E.S.T. (short for Budget, Expectations, Sign-off and Timeline) proven process as a way to keep our clients engaged and in the know throughout the entire project. Implementations can be long and arduous. It's important that our Clients know where things stand so that they can stay fully engaged throughout.

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Asset Management

Asset Management

KS2 Technologies revolutionizes U.S. asset management with Oracle ERP and Cloud Infrastructure, offering innovative solutions for enhanced asset tracking, maintenance, and strategic growth.

Distribution & Logistics

Distribution & Logistics

KS2 Technologies redefines distribution and logistics with Oracle ERP and Cloud Infrastructure, streamlining inventory, transportation, and warehouse operations for optimal supply chain performance and service delivery.

Home Building & Real Estate

Home Building & Real Estate

KS2 Technologies reshapes the engineering and construction sector with Oracle-powered solutions, offering a digital ecosystem that streamlines everything from project management to customer engagement, ensuring precision and adaptability in a dynamic market.



KS2 Technologies boosts manufacturing with Oracle ERP and Cloud Infrastructure, with solutions for improved production, supply chain efficiency, and strategic agility in a dynamic market.



KS2 Technologies advances U.S. transportation with Oracle solutions, providing cutting-edge enhancements for fleet optimization, compliance, and operational efficiency, driving logistics innovation.

Construction & Engineering

Construction & Engineering

KS2 Technologies advances the engineering and construction industry with specialized JD Edwards and Oracle Cloud solutions, optimizing project planning and operations for enhanced efficiency and strategic agility.

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Case Study - Gehan Homes Digital Transformation in Sales Operations

Gehan Homes, a top U.S. builder, collaborated with KS2 for a digital overhaul in sales operations, focusing on seamless JD Edwards integration and continuous system availability. Their objectives included real-time sales tracking, efficient data management, and enhanced buyer experience.

This partnership led to significant advancements: streamlined sales processes with the DASH = HomeSalesOne platform, processing over 10,000 homes, and transitioning to advanced CRM and marketing tools. The result was a more efficient, integrated sales system, reinforcing Gehan Homes' industry standing.

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