Cloud Consulting

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At KS2 Technologies, our Oracle Cloud consulting services are designed to seamlessly guide businesses through their cloud transformation journey. Leveraging our extensive expertise in Oracle Cloud solutions, we offer bespoke strategies that empower organizations to unlock the full potential of the cloud. Our team of certified consultants works closely with each client, providing tailored solutions that encompass everything from initial cloud adoption and migration to ongoing management and optimization.

Cloud Challenges

Common Cloud Challenges

Tackle key hurdles in cloud adoption, including seamless migration and integration, stringent security and compliance adherence, savvy cost management, and robust disaster recovery strategies.

Cloud Migration & Integration

Assisting with the seamless migration of existing applications and data to the cloud, and ensuring the integration of cloud services with on-premises systems.


Cost Management & Optimization

Helping to control and optimize cloud spending, ensuring that your business makes the most efficient use of their cloud resources to avoid unnecessary expenses.

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Security & Compliance

Ensuring that cloud deployments meet rigorous security standards and comply with industry regulations, including data protection and privacy laws.

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Disaster Recovery & Data Backup

Developing robust disaster recovery plans and data backup strategies in the cloud, ensuring business continuity in the event of data loss or system failures.

How We Help

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Cloud Buyer's Journey

At KS2 Technologies, we streamline your cloud adoption journey by first conducting a thorough inventory of your existing applications. We prioritize these based on your business goals and operational dependencies, ensuring a smooth transition. This process leads to the creation of a tailored Business Case, highlighting strategic benefits and cost efficiencies of cloud migration, providing a clear, value-focused roadmap for your cloud strategy.

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Cloud Native Development

At KS2 Technologies, our Cloud Native Development assessments align your applications with current and future business needs. Through a precise fit-gap analysis and design thinking, we identify enhancement areas and understand new business requirements. This ensures your cloud solutions are both technically robust and strategically forward-looking, driving innovative and responsive business growth.

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ERP Modernization

For ERP Modernization, KS2 assesses various aspects of your ERP including the current version, underlying architecture, and integrations with dependencies like EDI systems. Our evaluation also encompasses hosting environments, mobile capabilities, analytics utilization, and potential firewall impacts. This thorough examination ensures we can strategize an ERP modernization plan that enhances system performance, increases integration efficiency, and fortifies data security, all while aligning with your business's technological advancements and objectives.

RectorSeal Enhances Performance with OCI

RectorSeal Enhances Performance with OCI Lift & Shift

Facing cost and performance challenges, RectorSeal transitioned to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with KS2 Technologies. This move addressed issues like costly resources, frequent downtime, and limited scalability, leveraging OCI's cost-effective and scalable solutions.

The shift involved upgrading to enterprise licensing and rearchitecting for improved performance, introducing high availability, and disaster recovery capabilities. This strategic transition to OCI marked a significant step in enhancing RectorSeal's operational efficiency and readiness for future tech advancements.

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