Engineering & Construction

The engineering and construction industry is characterized by its need for precision, adherence to stringent timelines, and budget management. Companies in this sector grapple with the complexities of large-scale project coordination, compliance with evolving safety and building codes, and the challenges of resource allocation across diverse geographical locations.

KS2 Technologies addresses these challenges head-on with tailored solutions that enhance planning, streamline operations, and fortify the strategic decision-making process, ensuring that projects are completed with excellence and efficiency.


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JD Edwards Solutions

With KS2 Technologies' expertise in JD Edwards solutions, engineering and construction firms can harness the full potential of their ERP system to bring about transformational change in project execution and management. Our JDE solutions are designed to optimize project costing, contract and change management, and asset lifecycle management—integral components for successful project delivery. Through our consulting and technology services, we ensure that businesses in the engineering and construction sector can maximize their JDE investment to achieve operational excellence and strategic growth.

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Oracle Cloud Solutions

In the fast-evolving landscape of the engineering and construction industry, agility and technological advancement are key to maintaining a competitive edge. KS2 Technologies leverages Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to provide scalable, secure, and resilient cloud services that enable firms to respond swiftly to market demands and complex project requirements. Our OCI services offer robust data analytics, cutting-edge security features, and high-performance computing capabilities, allowing for enhanced collaboration, innovation, and the efficient management of resources and operations across all phases of the construction lifecycle.

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Case Study - Gehan Homes Digital Transformation in Sales Operations

Gehan Homes, a top U.S. builder, collaborated with KS2 for a digital overhaul in sales operations, focusing on seamless JD Edwards integration and continuous system availability. Their objectives included real-time sales tracking, efficient data management, and enhanced buyer experience.

This partnership led to significant advancements: streamlined sales processes with the DASH = HomeSalesOne platform, processing over 10,000 homes, and transitioning to advanced CRM and marketing tools. The result was a more efficient, integrated sales system, reinforcing Gehan Homes' industry standing.