Our Story


KS2 began in 1992 with a mission to help clients modernize and transform their businesses with great people and great technologies.

Since the beginning, KS2 has aligned itself with leading technology companies like IBM and Oracle.  At the same time, we've built a great team of architects, engineers, consultants, and sales specialists to help build and implement high value technology solutions.  Our mission hasn't changed - you're the hero, we're the guide.  Our purpose is to help you succeed.

It's no coincidence that most of our business is repeat business.  We form long term relationships with our clients, help them navigate the ever-changing technology landscape, and continuously get more value from their technology spend.

We're bound by our Core Values, and driven by a shared purpose.  

KS2 Core Values


Being good is not good enough
We aspire to be the very best.

Growth Mindset
Take initiative, add value, focus on results.
Hungry, humble, hustle….everyday.
Take the High Road
Trust, integrity, respect and accountability in all relationships.


Better Together
Great players, better team:  effective communications, collaboration, and mutual respect.

Easy. Skilled. Safe.

We strive to be easy to work with and always Client First, which means we help YOU leverage,  extend and expand your existing investments.

Our track record of proven success, numerous client references, and accredited partnerships ensures you're safe with us.  We strive to become your partner vs. just another technology vendor.  

Our people are certified, mostly W-2 employees, and we don't outsource offshore.  Our ONEKS2 Managed Services team offers continuous delivery and improvement, with continuous value for you.

Our Proven Process, B.E.S.T.,  ensures your projects are on Budget, meet or exceed Expectations, are Signed Off, and on Time.


More Than a Consulting Firm

KS2 is not just an IT consulting firm. We are something more. KS2 brings together best-of-breed hybrid and multicloud infrastructure, software, and professional services to fully serve the needs of your business. We take you start to finish from vision to production.