Case Study - Gehan Homes
Digital Transformation in Sales Operations

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How KS2 Helped Gehan Homes, a Top 25 Builder in the U.S., Achieve a Digital Transformation in Sales Operations


Gehan Homes, a prominent Top 25 Builder in the U.S., faced significant challenges in their sales operations, prompting the need for a secure, digital solution to sell homes across all Gehan Communities. They required a comprehensive sales tool that would seamlessly integrate with their main ERP, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, and function even on weekends when JDE was offline.

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Key Objectives

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Integration with JD Edwards

A critical requirement was full integration with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne to ensure smooth data flow and synchronization.

Continuous Availability

The solution needed to operate efficiently even when JDE was offline, ensuring uninterrupted sales activities.

Price tag
Sales Activity Visibility

Gehan Homes sought real-time visibility into their sales activities, allowing for better tracking and management.

Law enforcement
Option Selection Rules Enforcement 

Business rules for option selections needed to be enforced to streamline the sales process.

Pricing and Discounting Rules

The tool was expected to enforce pricing and discounting rules accurately.

Real-time Information

Gehan Homes required near real-time access to pricing and availability data for lots, floorplans, models, and option pricing

Efficiency Gains

Reducing data entry redundancies by consolidating information into a single point of entry was crucial.

Integration with DocuSign

Seamless integration with DocuSign for e-signatures was a necessity.

In addition to these technical requirements, Gehan Homes aimed to enhance the home buying experience for digital natives, simplify the home buying process, ensure ease of use for salespeople, enable offline functionality, adopt a modern and responsive design, prioritize security and mobile-friendliness, leverage cloud infrastructure, all while staying within budget constraints.


The partnership with KS2 delivered remarkable results for Gehan Homes:

  • Top 25 Builder in the U.S.:
    Gehan Homes continued to strengthen its position as one of the top 25 builders in the United States.
  • Streamlined Sales Contract Process: 
    The migration from a manual sales contract process to the DASH = HomeSalesOne platform streamlined operations significantly.
  • Over 10,000 Units Processed: 
    To date, HomeSalesOne has processed over 10,000 homes, demonstrating its effectiveness and scalability.
  • CRM and Marketing Upgrade: Gehan Homes transitioned from smaller/niche CRM and marketing tools to HubSpot for enhanced capabilities.
  • JD Edwards Upgrade: The upgrade to JD Edwards v9.2 ensured access to the latest features and functionalities.

When we first came to KS2, we were stuck going through a manual, error-prone sales process daily. But through their help, we’ve been able to migrate to a secure, digital way to sell homes throughout our communities. This means we now have a system that provides full visibility into all our sales activities, provides near real-time pricing and availability on everything we need (including all our lots, floorplans, and models), and makes home buying easy for our clients. To date, we’ve now had more than 10,000 homes processed through KS2’s platform...and since all our tools are securely and seamlessly integrated, our salespeople are saving hours weekly by only needing one single point of data entry for each home we sell.

Gehan Homes

Top 50 Builder in the U.S.

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Case Study


HomeSalesOne, offered by KS2 Cloud for Homebuilders, is a comprehensive sales office automation solution designed to enhance home sales and scale operations without the need for additional headcount. It integrates various functionalities such as CRM, marketing automation, CPQ, and sales contract management into a single, seamless workflow​​.


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