Cloud Native Development – Application Modernization


Modernize your applications with KS2 using the best cloud tools in the industry.


– assess applications for fit / gap with current business requirements. Leverage Design Thinking techniques to identify and understand new perspectives and business requirements.



– build minimum viable product (MVP) to prove out requirements. Leverage agile techniques to quickly iterate on features and functions.


 leverage toolchains, pipelines, and automated testing to quickly move applications from qa to production.



– improve and move your applications to IBM/Red Hat Cloud, Oracle Cloud, AWS, Azure...securely.

Cloud Native Development

Build on IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud (OCI), AWS, and Azure leveraging modern cloud tooling including:
Node.js, java, API's, NoSQL databases, secure gateway


Cloud Development Use Cases

app-iconApplication Modernization

– rethink and rewrite applications for today's digital world.  Write once and be able to run on multiple clouds. Legacy application modernization to ensure nothing gets left behind.

    • Example:  converting traditional WebSphere JEE (java) applications that run on premise to run on cloud.  Leverage secure gateway to bridge on premise apps and resources to cloud.

integration-iconIntegration Modernization

 quickly create and leverage cloud platforms – serverless functions, industry standard frameworks, API's to securely connect and modernize legacy integrations.

    • Example: on premise FTP, SFTP, SOA, MQ and older integration tools require application modernization.  Leverage cloud platforms and cloud tooling to modernize and quickly connect applications.
cloud-icon-4New Cloud Native Development

– create industry leading applications using cloud native tools.

    • Example:   Build revenue generating applications to address new opportunities where Commercial Off the Shelf software (COTS) does not exist.


mobile-iconMobile Development

– create applications that connect your customers and products to back office systems.
    • Example: Extend your back office ERP applications to mobile and activate field sales and field operations personnel to do more.

Get Started with Existing or New Applications

Using Design Thinking techniques, we start with design sessions and build new applications using agile methods. Our legacy application modernization ensures you can still use the software you’re accustomed to.


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