Enterprise Excel

Leverage Excel and APIs to Unlock Your Enterprise Data





The premise of this book is simple–that Microsoft Excel® should be the reporting, and analysis, and can even be the data entry and update hub for your enterprise data

Here’s why:

#1. Excel is the #1 app on the planet!

Virtually every person on your team already knows how to use Excel.

#2. Excel for the Web

Think differently about Excel. With Excel running 100% in the cloud, it’s another web user interface (UI) that connects to your enterprise applications‘ APIs securely using modern tooling.

#3. You’re probably already paying for it

No need for more expensive licenses or high-end reporting tools that require highly skilled people to operate.

#4. There is no more flexible tool for analyzing and reporting data

With basic technology skills, anyone on your team can develop boardroom-ready reports quickly.

#5. It’s secure (now).

Unlike older attempts at connecting Excel to enterprise applications and databases, new technologies such as Single Sign On (SSO), OAuth, and modern web APIs allow you to securely connect Excel to enterprise databases for reporting and even round-trip data updates.


These advantages allow you to finally unlock the full value of your enterprise applications and data in a way that simply was not possible before.


"After working with hundreds of Fortune 1000 executives in both IT and functional leadership roles, I know that functional leaders always want to get to their data more quickly and easily. They don’t want to feel like IT is holding the data hostage. And, IT leaders want to facilitate access to enterprise data so that functional leaders have what they need while maintaining consistency, data integrity, and security"




In this book, you’ll discover how to satisfy both types of leaders using Excel as the primary tool for data analysis, reporting, and updating.

The companies that adopt this approach will make smarter decisions in less time. Those that don’t adapt, and continue to rely on expensive and slow reaction tools for reporting and analysis will miss opportunities.


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The question for you as you read this short book is this:



Do you want to be agile or slow? Adaptable, or rigid? Full of timely insights to support smart decisions, or the one who holds up decision-making while you get a custom report coded?





Eric Kuefler


Co-Founder, President
Eric is a born entrepreneur. A graduate of Florida State University, Eric holds dual degrees in Accounting, Finance, and passed the CPA exam.  Eric founded an independent company focused on Oracle JDE consulting and solutions. This company was later merged into KS2 and helped form the JDE Practice that is soaring today.
Eric co-founded KS2 with his partners to help clients maximize business value thru technology. He has over 20 years of IT Application experience (JDE/ERP, SaaS, PaaS, Cloud).
With Eric, good is not good enough – reaching for excellence is his mantra. As KS2’s President, he understands the importance of each project’s business value and its impact on the customers’ bottom line.

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