Modernize and Transform IBM Power: KS2's Approach


KS2 and IBM Power

  • Let us be your IBM Power Cloud guide.
  • For more than 25 years, KS2 has been an IBM Gold Partner focused on the success and positive outcomes for our clients.
  • We are also a Red Hat Partner focused on RHEL, OpenShift, and Ansible.
  • IBM Power + IBM Storage + IBM Spectrum Software (Virtualize, etc.) + IBM Cloud = Modern Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

We are one of a handful of IBM Partners that has delivered successful projects from analysis to go live in all 4 key areas:

  • IBM Power – small, medium and large installs with DR and HA.
  • IBM Storage – small, medium, and large installs with compression, encryption, high performance.
  • IBM Software – middleware, storage/virtualization, AP automation, and more.
  • IBM Cloud – successfully built cloud native products on IBM Cloud and securely integrated to on-premise applications.

We perform our work under project and managed services contracts.

We are certified on the products we resell and consult on.

All our work is backed by our proven process called B.E.S.T ® - Budget, Expectations, Signoffs, and Timelines.  Transparency every step of the way.

Our Approach




KS2 Value-Add



Step 1:


Hardware & OS

Value: Stay current/reduce costs

  • Staying current on hardware, OS, and apps Is difficult.
  • Free financial assessment on upgrading vs. extending hardware and software maintenance
  • KS2 resells, implements, and performs managed services for IBM Power.
  • Free financial assessment on upgrading vs. extending hardware and software maintenance.
  • KS2 content created for Power campaign.

IBM Spectrum Virtualize

Step 2:

IBM Spectrum Virtualize manage IBM and non IBM storage.

Value: Simplification, performance, bridging to cloud.

  • Stay relevant with IBM cloud services, DevOps teams & tech.
  • Be cloud ready!
  • Externalize IBM Power storage.
  • Simplify and consolidate multiple storage tech/vendors.
  • Internal vs. external storage performance assessment.
  • Migrate internal DASD to external storage – safely.
  • Integrate with IBM Cloud, AWS for DR, and backup scenarios.
  • IBM FlashSystems.
  • IBM Spectrum Virtualize info.
  • IBM Spectrum Virtualize for public cloud.

IBM cloud-1

Step 3:

Leverage cloud

IBM, KS2, AWS, OCI, et al.

Value: Flexibility, OpEx vs. CapEx, resilience, performance.

  • Getting started in IBM Power shops.
  • Many cloud choices and paths.
  • KS2 cloud readiness assessment.
  • Lift and shift workloads to IBM Cloud.
  • Recommend “right fit” cloud for right apps and workloads.
  • Leverage IBM Spectrum Virtual for public cloud – “Air Gap” data.
  • Leverage KS2 public/private cloud hosting and managed services.
  • Navigate the complex world of hybrid cloud infrastructure.
  • KS2 cloud readiness assessment.
  • Lift and shift workloads to IBM Cloud
  • Leverage IBM Spectrum Virtual for public cloud – “Air Gap”.
  • Hybrid / multicloud consulting.


Step 4:

Replatform with Docker and Kubernetes

Value: Hybrid/multicloud capable, cloud-native dev, flexibility.

  • Implementing OpenShift, K8, Docker.
  • Evaluate JEE and non-JEE applications for replatforming.
  • Evaluate RPG and COBOL applications for re-writing / replatforming.
  • Rewrite and replatform with OpenShift + IBM Cloud, AWS, OCI.
  • KS2 cloud readiness assessment – application mapping.
  • IBM transformation advisor.
  • Evaluate RPG and COBOL applications for re-writing / replatforming.
  • Replatform and migrate with OpenShift + IBM Cloud, AWS, OCI.


Step 5:

Rearchitect with microservices.

Value: Modern tooling, simplifying design / architecture.

  • Rewrite / rebuild legacy apps using modern cloud tooling.
  • Assess / evaluate applications for rearchitecting using modern tooling and platforms.
  • Rebuild heritage / legacy applications using modern cloud tooling
  • HomeSalesOne® – cloud native application.

Each of the steps above is based on experience working with our IBM Power shops.

KS2 IBM Cloud Services Solve Your IBM Power Problems

Our clients are looking to modernize their infrastructure and apps, migrate to high performing hybrid / multicloud infrastructure, and transform and grow their businesses.

What we’ve heard:

  • “IBM Power is stable, but getting harder to find resources.”
  • “We love IBM Power, but don’t know how to make it relevant in a Cloud world.”
  • “We are not sure if we should extend our hardware and software maintenance, migrate to IBM Power Cloud, or purchase a new system. Can you help us.”
  • “Even though our IBM Power system runs 80% of our business, it is not seen as strategic to the business. It is sometimes seen as an obstacle to growth. We have another IT department re-writing the apps to run on Cloud.”
  • “We would like to know what our options for IBM Power are – in terms of integrating or migrating to the cloud.”
  • “We have another team that handles our storage. We have EMC and other storage vendors today.”
  • “External Storage with IBM Power will be too slow and too costly.”
  • “Internal Storage will perform far better than external storage.”
  • “We need to encrypt our data at rest and only know how to use Option 45.”
  • “We have a cloud application running on AWS and would like to integrate it with our AS400 using API’s and modern techniques. Can you help us?”
  • “Our RPG (and COBOL) applications are stable, but not flexible in a cloud and mobile friendly world. We would like to know what our options are.”
  • “We have heard about Kubernetes, docker, and Red Hat OpenShift but don’t know how to get started.”