IT Teams Worldwide Are Exploring Where Their IBM POWER Solutions Fit Into Today’s Multi-Cloud World

On Premises (Private Cloud), Off Premises (Public Cloud) or Both (Hybrid Cloud)

IBM-power 9 Family


  • Modernize, migrate, and transform with IBM Power.
  • Let KS2 be your Guide.

Why Migrate to IBM Power9?

B.E.S.T.® Proven Process and Project Governance

What’s New?

  • IBM Power Cloud Systems for ERP (COTS and Non COTS) – engineered for ERP, optimized for both on premise and cloud processing.
  • It’s not about speeds and feeds. It’s about security, resiliency, flexibility, and performance.
  • Let us show you how to integrate Public and Private Cloud into your existing IBM Power Cloud.
  • Let us show you how IBM Power can securely integrate with Public and Private Cloud.
  • We are the experts for IBM Cloud – for the Power Crowd.
  • IBM Power + IBM FlashSystems + IBM Cloud = Awesome;
  • IBMPower + IBM FlashSystems + IBM Cloud = Easy, Simple, Safe;
  • IBM Power + IBM FlashSystems + IBM Cloud = Modernize, Migrate, Transform.

KS2’s Value Add

  • Free financial assessment on upgrading vs. extending hardware and software maintenance.
  • KS2 Solution Edition for ERP – preconfigured, highly available, optimized for hybrid cloud – modernize your Power infrastructure with IBM Power9 servers, IBM FlashSystems, and Public Cloud (IBM, AWS, Oracle).
  • Start to finish – migrate from previous Power systems and software to modern / cloud ready IBM Power9 Servers + IBM Flash Systems. Managed Services for Day +1.
  • KS2 resells, implements, and performs managed services for IBM Power, IBM Storage, and IBM Cloud.

KS2 Services Journey to Hybrid Multicloud on Power Systems

Service Offerings

  1. Cloud Design Workshop
  2. PowerVC Implementation Automation for DevOps
  3. OpenShift and Cloud Pak Implementation
  4. Hybrid Cloud for Power Implementation
  5. Moving Power Workloads to Cloud

1) Cloud Design Workshop

  • Define business challenge
  • Determine use cases
  • Create implementation plan

2) PowerVC Implementation Automation for DevOps
Private (IaaS)

  • IBM PowerVC
  • Ansible

3) OpenShift and Cloud Pak Implementation
Private (PaaS)

  • Red Hat OpenShift
  • IBM Cloud Paks
  • Applications
  • Integration
  • Data
  • Automation
  • MSecurity
  • Multicloud Management

4) Hybrid Cloud for Power Implementation
Public (IaaS)

  • IBM Power  Virtual Server on IBM Cloud
  • IBM Cloud Virtual Power Servers on VPC
  • Google Cloud POWER Infra.-as-a-Service
  • Partner Clouds (Skytap, Nimbix, +++)

5) Moving Power Workloads to IBM Power Cloud Multi-Cloud

  • IBM Cloud Automation Manager
  • VMware vRealize
  • IBM Multicloud Manager

The Power of PowerVC

The Power of PowerVC-1

  • Move any VM between clouds or data centers as needed—for seamless hybrid cloud agility.
  • PowerVC provides the ability to export any workload as an open virtualization archive (OVA), which can in turn be used to import into the IBM Cloud Power Virtual Server solution—make it easy to move apps and data into the cloud. Customers can also easily export their workloads from the public cloud and import them in PowerVC’s on-prem solution… making bidirectional data movement and AI workloads simple and straightforward.