IBM Power Integrated Into the Cloud

Build Bridges to Cloud with IBM FlashStorage Systems and Spectrum Virtualize

IBM Spectrum Virtualize

IBM Power Integrated Into the Cloud: Use Cases

Build Bridges to IBM Power Cloud with IBM FlashStorage Systems and Spectrum Virtualize

IBM Power Integrated Into the Cloud
  • Business Continuity - Leveraging rented Public cloud resources
  • DevOps Analytics - Temporary data copy from on-premises to cloud
  • Cyber Resiliency - Continuing to deliver outcomes despite cyber incidents
  • Workload Migration to Cloud - Permanent data migration to cloud
  • Hybrid Multicloud - Permanent state of operating infrastructure both on-premises and in Public cloud

KS2 Use Cases and Recent Projects:

  • Modernize infrastructure to be highly available, leverage virtualization and snapshots for resiliency, encrypt data at “wire speed”, and watch processing windows shrink by up to 50%.
  • Financial Services – compliance needs for data encryption at rest. Leverage IBM Power9 + IBM FlashSystems + IBM FlashCore Modules (FCM’s).   Ready for Public Cloud!
  • Manufacturer of Automobile Parts – IBM Power internal storage v. external storage. Performance on batch jobs has improved by > 40% on external storage.
  • Services Provider – consolidating IBM Power, Windows, and Linux storage needs with 1 system and 1 virtualized pool of data.

IBM Spectrum Virtualize: A Powerful Software Stack for Modernization

Spectrum Virtualize

Consistent management and features to over 500 different storage systems for on-prem and in the cloud. All systems gain a uniform portal to the cloud.

Appliance - SAN Volume Controller

  • Heterogeneous storage virtualization
  • Consistent management
  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Participate in opportunities where no storage sales exist

Integrated - Software Defined storage integrated with storage hardware

  • FlashSystem 5010
  • FlashSystem 5030
  • FlashSystem 5100
  • FlashSystem 7200
  • FlashSystem 9200
  • FlashSystem 9200R

Software - Software Defined Storage (SDS) In the Cloud

  • IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud

Removes Pain Points - Enables over 500 heterogeneous storage systems to gain a wealth of consistent features

  • Brings consistent APIs to storage
  • Easy Tier (AI-based tiering)
  • All systems gain Compression
  • All systems gain Deduplication
  • All systems gain Encryption
  • All systems gain Replication
  • All systems gain easy Migration