KS2 Cloud for Homebuilders

The only 100% cloud solution that’s fully-integrated for homebuilders to do it all ‒ market, sell, build, manage, and close homes

100% Cloud – trusted by leading Builders




From your sales office to your back office to the field, KS2 Cloud for Homebuilders has what you need to scale and grow

With three key applications to run and automate 100% of your business.


CRM, Marketing, CPQ &
Sales Contract Management

Sell: Sales Office Automation with KS2’s HomeSalesOne®

Automate and standardize your lead and follow-up management, pricing, quoting, sales contracts and more. HomeSalesOne® simplifies and automates sales contract creation and e-signature -- with all data integrated with your ERP system.  No rekeying!


Bids, Takeoffs, Purchasing,
Operations, Financials

Build: Your homes with Oracle JD Edwards 100% in the Cloud

Streamline your back office homebuilder operations with industry-leading Oracle JD Edwards, run 100% in the Oracle Cloud plus integrated with your other core applications.


Real-time scheduling & job management
integrated with Oracle JD Edwards

Manage: Hyphen BuildPro and SupplyPro integrated with Oracle JD Edwards with KS2’s Connect for Hyphen

Get everything you need to seamlessly manage your jobs on-the-go right from your tablet. In near real-time, and integrated with your back office (Oracle JD Edwards) for full visibility.

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hubspot Salesforce HS1 Docusign

CRM, Marketing, CPQ & Sales Contract Management

Sales Office Automation with KS2’s HomeSalesOne®

Seamlessly integrate and automate your entire home sales and marketing workflow from start to finish – including pre-construction, sales, marketing, construction, close, and beyond. No error-prone or time-consuming manual data entry required.

With HubSpot or Salesforce, you get an industry-leading CRM and marketing automation tool where you can manage your leads, foot traffic, website, email campaigns, follow-ups, and more.

With KS2’s HomeSalesOne®, you get made-for-builders sales contract automation, configuration, and management. And with our DocuSign integration, all signatures are handled electronically with easy-to-define workflows so you can reduce cycles and close more homes.




Bids, Takeoffs, Purchasing, Operations, Financials

Build homes with Oracle JD Edwards 100% in the Cloud

Oracle JD Edwards is the best-in-class ERP solution for homebuilders, giving you full visibility into purchasing, operations, and financials. The top builders rely on Oracle’s proven industry leadership.

KS2 Cloud for Homebuilders runs Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne v9.2 100% in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), allowing you to “move and improve” your JD Edwards workloads today. And with KS2’s Connect for Hyphen, BuildPro and SupplyPro integrate seamlessly with JD Edwards.

With KS2’s HomeSalesOne® and JD Edwards integrations (which are Oracle Validated Integrations - OVIs), your entire sales office, back office, and field can now be fully integrated so you can sell and close more homes with less manual effort. You’ll get items, pricing, sales, contracts and more – all run 100% through the cloud with no on-premise infrastructure needed




Real-time scheduling & job management integrated with Oracle JD Edwards

Hyphen BuildPro and SupplyPro integrated to Oracle JD Edwards with KS2’s Connect for Hyphen

With Hyphen BuildPro, you can easily manage the steps in the construction of a house from start to finish. From any location at any time on any device. So you can keep your builders on budget, manage more projects, and have accurate and timely construction info out to management whenever they need it.

With Hyphen SupplyPro, your trades will receive their purchase orders and payment notifications through a secure portal. All integrated with JDE through KS2 Connect for Hyphen.

And with KS2’s Connect for Hyphen integration – validated through our 15+ year relationship with Hyphen – all job information (bids, POs, liens, line item completions, AP, and more) is seamlessly integrated between JDE and Hyphen BuildPro/SupplyPro in near real-time.



How KS2 Helped Gehan Homes (a Top 25 Builder in the U.S.)
Digitally Transform Their Sales Operations


“When we first came to KS2, we were stuck going through a manual, error-prone sales process daily. But through their help, we’ve been able to migrate to a secure, digital way to sell homes throughout our communities.

This means we now have a system that provides full visibility into all our sales activities, provides near real-time pricing and availability on everything we need (including all our lots, floorplans, and models), and makes home buying easy for our clients.

To date, we’ve now had more than 10,000 homes processed through KS2’s platform... and since all our tools are securely and seamlessly integrated, our salespeople are saving hours weekly by only needing one single point of data entry for each home we sell.”



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KS2 Client Benefits

✔ A team who has spent 20+ years creating scalable IT solutions for some of the best names in homebuilding (including Meritage Homes, Gehan Homes, View Homes, Woodside Homes, CalPac and many more)

✔ Access to our near real-time integrations and APIs

✔ Full setup and management of your systems, applications, and integrations

✔ 100% cloud with no on-site infrastructure needed

✔ 20+ years of references available (just ask – we’re happy to share them)

✔ Monthly functional and technical support hours

✔ Dedicated account team with dedicated support team options

✔ Transparent and predictable billing

✔ Responsive, U.S. based customer support

✔ Our proven B.E.S.T. process to guarantee your success


See how KS2 Cloud for Homebuilders can help your business integrate, automate, and scale