Lift and Shift Migration

Move and improve workloads to the cloud

Move and migrate your application/ERP workloads to the cloud including data migration and custom objects.


Integrate and test on premise and cloud apps for a seamless experience. No matter what platform you're running on, our expert team is ready to help you lift and shift with safe cloud data migration.


What is Your Lift & Shift Cloud Challenge? 

ERP Modernization  

    • Modernization for JDE World - lift and shift to KS2's IBM Power Cloud for World
    • Modernization for JDE EnterpriseOne – lift and shift to Oracle Cloud Infra (OCI)

JDE Upgrades

    • Move and improve your EnterpriseOne upgrade from on premise to Oracle Cloud Infra (OCI)
    • Move and improve your World upgrade from on premise to KS2's private cloud



Hybrid Cloud is complex.

KS2 makes cloud data migration easy and safe with our highly certified IT consultants, accredited partnerships, and proven BEST process.




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